Why you need a Raynox macro lens:

If you want to try MACRO especially for shooting very small insects that are 10 mm or smaller in size and you find that macro lenses having 1:1 magnification are not just enough to capture the details, then I recommend you to try the RAYNOX_DCR-250  or RAYNOX_MSN-202 attached in front of the Nikkor 55-200mm
Of course you can always use the Raynox with the Micro Nikkor 85mm or the Micro Nikkor_105mm macro lenses but for me I found it more convenient to use the zoom lens because you can easily adjust by zooming in or out depending on the magnification power you need.
My favorite combination for shooting insects that are approx. 5mm - 10mm in size is the Nikkor 55-200mm +  RAYNOX_DCR-250 .

Here are some of my shots taken with this combination:

Treehopper (approx. 6 mm long)

Ant (approx. 7 mm long)

Winged ant (approx. 9 mm long)

Aphid (approx. 2 mm long)

See my other post for the photo of my camera setup here: Nikon D90 with Raynox 

Note: Click on the photos above to see the details in LARGE (FULLSCREEN) 

1) Camera: Nikon D90
2) Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm
4)  DIY Flash Diffuser

If you are interested to try the Raynox DCR 250, just click on the below links: