Insect Macro: Horse Fly

Below are some macro shots of a Horse-Fly taken using the Nikon D90 + Nikkor 55-200mm + RAYNOX_DCR-250

Horse-Fly with Compound Eye

Horse-Fly with Banded Eye

Whenever I intend to shoot macro, I always have with me the 3 Raynox diopters : DCR150, DCR250 & MSN202... and the one I used for the above shots was the DCR250.
Maybe you may ask why I selected to use the DCR250...
I already had the Raynox MSN202 but its very close focal distance (approx. 5 cm only!) did not permit me to use it in shooting with these insects... it is too close and they just fly away before getting the right focus. 
Even the DCR250 with a focusing distance of approx. 15 cm was even difficult to use, but with a lot of patience I was able to take some decent shots. 
Regarding the DCR150, which has approx. 30 cm focusing distance... well, it´s quite comfortable but it does not give enough magnification to get the details. I only use it when I want to shoot bigger insects or whenever it is not possible to get as close as 15 cm to the subject.

Note: Click on the photos above to see the details in LARGE (FULLSCREEN) 

1) Camera: Nikon D90
2) Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm

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