Insect Macro: Green Lacewing

Here are some macro shots of a Green Lacewing which is approx. 10 mm long. 
During summer, these beautiful insects are usually attracted by the lights in our kitchen at night... it is the only time that I had an opportunity to take these macro shots, I never saw any lacewing when I go to the park during daytime.

The Green Lacewing has a long slender pale-green body and veined wings...

It also has long long delicate antennae...

The lacewing´s eye has  a golden color  but looks somewhat reddish here because it reflects from the background

Here is a Close-up showing the compound eye 

All the above photos were single shots taken with Nikon D90 + 55-200 mm kit lens + Raynox DCR250.

If want to know more info about Green Lacewing, check it from this link: Green Lacewing  or from Wikipedia/Lacewing

Note: Click on the photos above to see the details in LARGE (FULLSCREEN) 

1) Camera: Nikon D90
2) Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm

If you are interested to try the Raynox DCR 250, just click on the below links: