Dragonfly Portraits

These are some of my dream shots!.. close-up shots of a dragonfly.
Really love to see the texture their compound eyes, thanks to Raynox MSN202!

These insects seen in close-up are really amazing!!

They have compound eyes that are capable of pinpointing the motion of a small prey insects several meters away, even while it is flying fast.

Maybe this is a male dragonfly, he has a hairy face... he needs to shave ha,ha!

This dragonfly is much bigger than the others above, you notice here that the texture of the compound eye looks more fine and not very visible

First time I shot a dragonfly close-up like this was more than 3 years  ago, and I was still using the reversed lens technique... and comparing now that I shoot using Raynox, it´s much easier and gives more satisfactory results.

Check my old photo: "Dragonfly Portrait" uploaded in Flickr few years back taken with my Nikon D40 + 18-55 mm kit lens in Reversed Lens Technique. Actually this is my most popular photo in Flickr!

Note: Click on the photos above to see the details in LARGE (FULLSCREEN) 

1) Camera: Nikon D90
2) Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm

The Raynox MSN-202 is good but not recommended if you are a beginner in macro photography because you need to get extremely close to your subject and generally it is resulting to a very shallow DOF.
Maybe it is more practical to try the Raynox DCR 250, so just click one of the below links: