Insect Macro: Jumping Spider

This is my favorite macro model : Jumping Spider

     These photos were taken in the Philippines during my vacation last month of August. 
I went to Baluarte in Vigan because I was interested to visit the butterfly garden hoping to shoot some macro of butterflies. Unluckily there were only few butterflies at that time and I wasn´t able to get close enough to take some macro shots... no butterfly macros!
     Before leaving the place I found this very cute jumper and it made my day complete! Usually this type of spider is always moving and jumping that´s why it is called "jumping spider". But this one was quite cooperative and posed for me for a few times that´s why I got some pretty good shots of its "shiny eyes".

  • Click on the links shown below if you want to see more info about the camera,lens, & diffuser that I  used.
1) Camera: Nikon D90
2) Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm
4)  DIY Flash Diffuser

If you are interested to try the Raynox DCR 250, just click on the below links: